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March 5th, 2023

Aunerade Baguaece.png

Mycelium (it/they/he)

Mycelium is an independent researcher & artist who plays with cheap/low/dirt art. It dabbles in living arts & radio (Audio Smut). It focuses primarily on magic, ecosexuality & childhood sexual abuse (CSA), notably creating a nature retreat by and for queer & trans survivors of CSA (Lichen Project) in collaboration with ME Louis, a dramatherapist. It is currently deeply interested in puppets.

Photo by Aunerade Baguaece

Eish Van Wieren.jpg

Photo by Eish Van Wieren

Eish Van Wieren (they/them)

Eish Van Wieren is a white (Dutch/Uk) genderfluid trans nonbinary transdisciplinary artist originally from Mohkinstsis/Calgary and currently based in Tkaranto/Toronto. They are a theatre practitioner, playwright, visual artist, mask maker, performer, musician, designer and educator. They also work in costumes for film and TV and are an IATSE 873 permitee.

Fundamentally, their practice takes inspiration from, and is in conversation with, nature as a generative space of possibility. The wonders of plants, animals and magic along with their dysmorphia, inform their creation of creatures, stories and masks.  They are compelled by object theatre and using the wonderful to explore the horrible. Eish is passionate about staging diverse queer/trans stories and building production teams that reflect/support the stories being told on stage while working in an anti oppressive framework.

They hold an MFA in Performance Creation from York University, were a member of Playwright’s Workshop Montreal Young Creator’s Unit 2021-2022 and Tarragon Theatre’s Extended Young Playwrighting Unit 2021 They are currently a member of the Nightwood innovators 2022-2023 cohort. Their work has been supported by Canada Council, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Playwright's Canada Press, Theatre Outre, Buddies in Bad Times, Playwright’s Workshop Montreal and more. You can find more about their work on instagram @splatbonfitz_productions.

Select Credits Theatre: Grape Head (PWM/SplatBonFitz Productions), The Parasite (Theatre Outré, Buddies in Bad Times), The Baker and Their Mice (OBJECTO: Toronto Experimental Object Festival), The Void (Buddies in Bad Times), Apartment Show Online 2.0 (Thumbs Up Good Work).

instagram @splatbonfitz_productions

Rant Salt Casey.jpg

Enok Ripley (they/them)

Instagram @enokripley

Photo by Rant Salt Casey

November 13th, 2022

Provvidenza Catalano.jpg

Photo by Provvidenza Catalano

Eva Gonzalez (they/them)

Eva Gonzalez is a third year PhD student in Communication and Critical Gender Studies at UC San Diego. Their research lies at the intersection of trans and performance studies, asking how gender can be created or re-made through movement and performance. Eva is also a singer-songwriter, with a forthcoming EP to be released this winter. Additionally, they create synthesizer-based compositions and improvisations to accompany projected experimental films and abstract animations. Their most recent work includes performing a live score to filmmaker kelechi agwuncha's MFA thesis, tether, and composing a score for artist Georgia Twigg's I Was Looking for You, which recently debuted at the London Fringe Film Festival. Drawing upon their background in dance and live performance, Eva is now exploring performance art as part of Holly Timpener's Queer Epicenter Revolutions. 

Links to website and or social -

Fanny Aboulker (they/them)

Fanny Aboulker is a performer, weaver, videographer and text worker. A doctoral student in art studies and practices at UQAM, they are working on the degendering of French language and its consequences on our imaginations. Originally from France, they spent most of their adult life in the UK and are currently living in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal.

Photo by Jean Gros Abadie

April 24th, 2022

Artist Headshot Jan 2021.jpeg

Aquarius Funkk (they/them)

Aquarius is an interdisciplinary artist and performer, who works primarily in live performance, digital mediums, video, and wearable art. Originating in Portland, Maine, and currently residing in Guadalajara, Mexico, Aquarius has been developing their practice since 2010. First working as a burlesque dancer, model, and makeup artist, as well as in graphic design & photography, they began exploring the realm of radical performance art in 2016. They have worked extensively with international performance art troupe La Pocha Nostra in the US and Mexico, as well as virtually.

Aquarius seeks to embody the intricate nature of intersectionality, in all its complexities and oversimplifications. They explore gender identity, racial politics, religious idiosyncrasies, social structures & societal norms from a non-binary, queer, Afrofuturist (and AfroRetrofuturist) perspective. In magnifying and subsequently deconstructing normative belief systems, Aquarius uses the dismantled pieces to build an alternate universe that satisfies the deep-seated human desire to be whole. Their method centers on movement, persona building, ritual, and layering of visuals and audio. Aquarius invokes their own deeply conflicting emotions – irreverence, hysteria, melancholy, dissonance – building storylines that lead to eventual relief from conflict through unexpected beauty, humor, and intimacy. They oscillate within the juxtaposition of highly stylized and drastic starkness. Aquarius draws on threads from the work of Black ancestors and iconic figures of the past and present, relating them to the current cultural climate.

Photo by Aquarius Funkk

Grey 2.jpg

Grey/Kimber Piitaapan Muldoon ('ey/'em)

Grey is the ghostly quality of light in the morning; a performance artist exploring reciprocity, intimacy, and proximity through interactions that recall ritual into the body. Grey works in performance and installation using video, time, light, performing objects, songs, dances, and weather. Grey now holds a couple undergraduate degrees and has been making durational performance art since before that. 

Trans*wize, Grey remembers awareness of their queerness their entire life. Grey has been using trans* identities since 1997, when 'ey found the word “transsexual” in a science magazine in the library while creating a children’s memory matching card game on sexually dimorphic animal species for tenth grade biology. Grey continues to reciprocate with, and care for forms of trans* medicines and articulations. 'Ey believe in magic, and they hope you always have a friend wearing big red shoes.

My process is commitment, staying open to reception, using memory keepers such as objects and songs, and then recording the received as a game: Right now, I think when we reject art as too personal, inauthentic, or obscure, we are missing a subtext or at odds with one through our own proximity to power. My work is trying to retaliate against the preoccupation with inner selves and outer selves, to reinstate a desire for looking after each other in a reliance that does not scare the questions out of us. It is trying. Your witness and participation here and there are beautiful. 

Photo by Grey/Kimber Piitaapan Muldoon

Francesca Chudnoff.jpg

raspberry joey/ joey eddy (he/him/them)

joey is a settler here on turtle island who began life being wooed by the ocean, her tides and the great orcas. under their spell they/he has become an endlessly inquisitive being working and playing as a guest on the unceded territory of tkaronto and mooniyang/tiohti:áke. he is a trans, queer performer - singer, actor and dance artist – an actra member since 2001. joey works with children and families as well, in pre and post natal doula giving, care giving and somatic release therapy. his somatic release work focuses on embryology, energy medicine and genetic memory. he has been practicing as a somatic and energy work healer for the last 8 years through alignment work, reiki medicine, breath work, emotional and physical release with trauma-informed practice. as a performer he worked with zee, willi dorner, andrew tay, kate nankervis, will ellis, robert kingsberry, brandy leary, aria evans, vania vaneau, justin deluna, lo bil, leelee oluwatoyosi eko davis, danah rosales, holly timpener, aquarius funkk, grey muldoon, among others.

one of joey eddy’s interests lies between found presence within giving radical, decolonial care and it’s relativity to the attunement of collective transformations in bodies during performance and performance making. eddy is thrilled to be chewing on queer politics, race politics, gender politics and disability politics within this work after years of feeling stuffed in a place he didn’t understand. he is a neurodivergent autistic human navigating the earthly currents with y’all, one moon at a time.

Photo by Francesca Chudnoff

November 21st, 2021

Photo by Marta Croll-Baehre

Sheri Headshot.jpg

Sheri Osden Nault (they/them)

Nault is a Michif, Nehiyaw, and mixed-European visual artist, community activist, and educator. Since early 2020, they have used their platform and art practice to fundraise for Land Defenders across Turtle Island, to share knowledges and medicines, and to found an annual project sending gift bundles to Two-Spirit youth during the winter season.

As a visual artist, Sheri works across mediums including sculpture, beadwork, basket weaving, Indigenous tattoo revival, performance, photography, and video. Their practice is shaped by tactile ways of learning and sharing knowledges, while grounded in mixed-Indigenous and Queer life experiences and a commitment to social and ecological justice. Rich relationships with both human and non-human beings inform the ways in which they create. Focused on Indigenous futurism, their work builds towards and acknowledges a future rich in kinship sensibilities, Two-Spirit wisdom, traditional and contemporary Indigenous art, and intersectional commitments of care and responsibility that extend beyond these communities, too.

Camille Headshot.jpg

Camille Charbonneau (they/them)

Born in a Mormon family, Camille moved to Tiohtià:ke/Montréal in 2010 to continue their studies in fine arts. In 2020, they graduated with distinction from Concordia University’s Painting & Drawing BFA program; they were recently admitted to the MFA, and awarded the Shirley Reed Graduate Scholarship and Tom Hopkins Memorial Graduate Award. Emerging from their interest in the relationship between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and the queer community, they explore subjects such as gender, body ownership, and identity expression through an interdisciplinary practice and the ritualistic and iterative language of performance. By analysing sacred Mormon texts, publications, and speeches from a queer standpoint, they criticize the LDS’ hermetic views of body legitimacy and highlight the obsolete and often-exclusionary values of a system that refuses to evolve.

Photo by Camille Charbonneau

Damaris Headshot.jpg

Damaris Baker (they/them)

Baker is a non-binary musician and performer based in Tio'tia:ke – Montreal. They have worked in radio, lead choirs, as a film-maker and animator, and taught children music.  Currently they are asking questions about death and pain in the context of land back, decolonization and tenants rights, our relation to land and ancestors, and our violence towards first nations people and environmental destruction. Their work is messy and stumbling, opening 

up space to be together as living beings, vulnerable and connected and afraid.

Photo by Clayton Kennedy


Holly Timpener(they/them)

Timpener is a queer, non-binary performance artist working in-depth with themes of Queer trauma and Queer resistance. They use performance as a way to challenge and understand their place in this world, and to investigate how Queer people and communities are connected. Performance allows them to confront issues related to gender, intimacy, trauma, and the body by engaging themes of trust, power, control, and consent. These themes are approached from a personal perspective, along with research collected from within Queer communities. One-on-one performances allows them to receive stories and experiences of other Queer folks, which they reflect on and responds to through performative expression. Balancing their personal experience, knowledge and memories with insight gained through Queer community research, Timpener embodies "The Personal Is Political" in a modern sociopolitical context. Within their works they claim ownership of their own body and reflect on the trauma woven into the lived experience of being Queer.

Photo by Geoff Fitzgerald

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