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October 1st, 2023

Updated: Apr 29

Epicenter traveled to Poznań, Poland for a residency at DOMIE. This was by far the greatest amount of participants and we became a family faster than anyone expected. Performances took place over a five hour period within the two DOMIE galleries. The galleries are side by side, but can only be accessed through separate doors.

Klarens Matusiak

Photos 1 - 3 by Mattia Spich; Photo 3 by Skye Wilk

Holly Timpener

Photos by Skye Wilk

Michał Zawisza

Photos 1 , 4 by Mattia Spich; Photos 2, 3 by Skye Wilk

Klaus Światowy

Photos by Mattia Spich

Vero Uršnik

Photos by Mattia Spich


Photos 1, 3, 4 by Mattia Spich; Photos 2, 5 by Skye Wilk


Photos 1, 4, 5 by Skye Wilk; Photos 2, 3, 6 - 9 by Mattia Spich

Marek Tomasz Jezior

Photos 1 - 3 by Skye Wilk: Phots 4 - 7 by Mattia Spich


Photos 1 - 3 by Mattia Spich; Photos 4 - 7 by Skye Wilk

Kai Milačić

Photos by Skye Wilk

Piotr Szczęsnowicz

Photos by Mattia Spich

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